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I’m taking you out of your boardroom and into mine to properly focus on your needs to create the business and lifestyle you require.

You get back in life what you commit to. What I’m committed to is giving you all the experience and the value of a $50 million dollar business owner and that you will receive more in value than the $500 session fee.

Spend 2 hours with me on your business to find out what you can achieve and give you actionable information that will transform your business.

This is 100% tailored and guaranteed to give you value. If you’re ready to be a better version of yourself today than yesterday, book a time.

Meet Emma

Digital Copywriter

12 months ago Emma was a nascent business owner. Now she has doubled and looks to triple her revenue in 12 short months.

Emma says;

“Without the coaching and connections Alister has provided, I would not be anywhere near the position I’m in today. I wholeheartedly recommend Alister to anyone who wants an exceptional business and life. In fact, this is the best investment in yourself and your business that you can make.”

"Alister McDonald has transformed my business and made massive changes within the past 6 months or so. His guidance, experience and knowledge is amazing, and you know you are being looked after by a mentor who actually has run and still runs very successful businesses. He is not a business mentor who has never run a business himself. I highly recommend you take him up on one of his whiteboard sessions to really transform your boardroom."

Jerry Penny
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